27 July 2017

The Society’s committee meeting took place in the morning followed by the mini technical seminar. Technical presentations given included “Application of GE3000 on-line analyzers in SA”, presented by Vladimir Jenista and Viktor Valenta from Enelex, Johan de Korte from the CSIR gave a presentation on “Larcodems” as well as one on “The influence of near-dense material on plant efficiency”.  Refreshments were sponsored by Larcodems and Enelex.

24 November 2016

Werner Heenop from VBKom gave a presentation entitled “User specific software for the management of complex processes”. This was followed by Len Bowker from the CTC who gave an update on the status of coal preparation training at the CTC. The third speaker for the afternoon was  Professor Quentin Campbell  from the North West University (NWU) who presented “The effect of the mode of breakage on Moatize coal yield” on behalf of Wilmeri Potgieter, a post-graduate student at NWU. The refreshments after the presentations were sponsored by the Society.

22 September 2016

Professor Quentin Campbell of North West University gave an interesting account on coal breakage studies conducted at the university. This was followed by Mark Cresswell of DRA who explained the complications of choosing the right crushing circuit for large modern coal processing plants. Johan de Korte then gave a brief feedback on the 18th ICPC which was held in St. Petersburg, Russia at the end of June 2016.

25 August 2016

The Coal Metallurgists and Plant Operators Workshop,”Raw coal & fine coal processing technology”, was held at the Middelburg Country Club on this day. The workshop was very well attended and declared successful by all those present.

28 July 2016

Keith Buttemer of Scanmin Africa gave two presentations entitled “Understanding DUET, Natural gamma, PGNAA, PFTNA XRF and Nita” (methods employed for on-line coal analysis) followed by “Case study of mechanical samples collected compared to the analyser and dealing with the analyser and inter laboratory statistical analysis”. This was followed by Pieter Erasmus who gave a presentation on “Selective laboratory sampling data and the use of it in the calibration and verification of on line analyser dynamic performance”. Scanmin Africa sponsored the refreshments enjoyed afterwards.