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Our constitution is available for download here.

Membership Forms

Membership includes:

  • individuals working for companies involved in the production, processing, utilisation or selling of coal
  • individuals within institutions involved in the fields of education and research of coal processing
  • individuals working for companies involved in the supply of equipment and services to the coal processing industry.

Both Form 2A and 2B need to be completed together.

Private Individual Membership

A private individual membership includes students and other persons who are either studying an approved course in the field of Coal Processing or an associated science degree or have studied in the field.

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Gauteng, South Africa

+27 79 872 6403

COVID-19 Communique

Dear Member of the SACPS

We are in the midst of an unprecedented crisis with COVID-19 (coronavirus). It started as a health crisis, within days became a real economic crisis, and is now on a swift path to becoming a massive fiscal challenge, as well.

The SACPS has considered its members health, in line with National Government and the World Health Organisation. We have postponed all committee and technical meetings and other events that were scheduled up to the end of April 2020. We are in current deliberation with regard to our Annual Dinner scheduled for May 2020. A decision will be taken before the end of March 2020 with regard to our Annual Dinner. We will communicate the outcome of the deliberation to you.

We are also exploring online avenues for our technical sessions, to ensure that our guiding principles of knowledge sharing, exchange of ideas, and education are upheld. We will share more information on this in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or comments, please contact our secretary Gerda at

Remember Crisis does not build courage, it reveals it!

Yours in safety

Devraj Reddy
Chairperson – SACPS