At the recent technical meeting on 15 March 2018, Jayson Jacobs gave feedback to the audience on the past year. He detailed the benefits of being a member of SACPS which include discount on registration fees, ECSA registration and points. SACPS’s emphasis is on education and he detailed what the society had accomplished by supporting various students, etc.

He also highlighted the need to leave a legacy for the future and it was good to note that we had 52 new members and it was encouraging that young members were interested in coal processing and he stressed the importance of attending the technical meetings every two months where presentations were given which were educational and informative.

The first presentation given was on the topic “Filtering and dewatering” by Gavin Maré of Enprotec which discussed various alternatives to slurry dams through using dewatering and filtering technologies.

The second presentation given by Syd Parkhouse of Aury Africa (Pty) Ltd covered screening/centrifuging of coal using vibrating/processing equipment Syd stated that it is important to collaborate with industry so that they are aware of what problems are being encountered and where they can help.

Kindly contact Johan de Korte for more information on presenting papers at future technical meetings or to obtain information on papers already presented. Please contact him via email on