The Future of Energy

Dr Lars Schernikau was recently recorded in Indonesia’s “Sage Talks” speaking about The Future of Energy and received peer-review for a new paper on energy efficiencies (eROI) and full cost of electricity.

The 19-min video is well worth watching. It is based on a recent academic paper written by Lars, Prof. Bill Smith (US), and Prof. Rosemary Falcon (South Africa).

The new 10-page academic peer-reviewed paper “Full Cost of Electricity “FCOE” and Energy Returns “eROI” was just published in at the Canadian Center of Science and Education. The Journal of Management and Sustainability (JMS) is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed, open-access journal for academics and practitioners of sustainable management.

The paper can be downloaded for free via the link below

This new peer-reviewed paper is probably one of the most comprehensive summaries of electricity available… and most importantly covers in detail the role of variable renewables and their impact on costs and reliability of our energy systems…” (an energy economist recently wrote),

Science Research Journalist Kip Hansen recently wrote a short review on the “Sage Talks” video, the academic paper, and the concept of full cost that can be accessed vua the link below.

What is the full cost?